What is oral surgery and how is it used?

What is oral surgery and how is it used?

Majority of the people, including the ones who are regularly visiting their dentist for cleaning sessions, would get intimidated by the very words ‘dental surgery’. That said, dental surgeries are more common in the world of dentistry than other biological sciences and they also carry relatively lesser risk.

Dental surgeries can be of various types, targeting various problems and providing solutions of different propensities. Hence, if you are planning to find a permanent solution to your dental problems, Magic Dental Touch can help you.

Here is a brief guide on the surgical processes in dentistry that can help you have a better smile:

Corrective Jaw Surgery

One of the most complex and yet effective surgeries includes the corrective jaw surgery. Under this surgical method, the dislocation or misalignment of the jaw is adjusted in such a manner that the teeth remain in their optimally natural position while the shape of the face remains natural, like it used to be.

Such surgeries are corrective in nature and usually put to use only after a patient has undergone some severe damage on the jaws like having been through an accident or having been through a tough boxing match. Basically, if there is any major misalignment of the jaws, this type of surgery can be performed to adjust the jaw in coherence with the teeth.

Dental Implants

This is the most common type of surgical method used and usually it does not carry any heavy risk. The dental implants usually used in this method may include braces, veneers, crowns, bridges and entirely artificial teeth. Such surgeries are used when an individual has lost a tooth or has chipped tooth or the tooth has incurred severe damage due to an accident or is infected by some dental issues such as cavities.

These surgical processes make sure that the teeth are back to their aesthetic and functional shape.

Detection and Treatment of Diseases

Finally, there are certain surgical procedures in dentistry which are solely meant to either detect a disease or cure a disease. A common surgery performed under this category is the root canal.

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