Traditional Braces in Pasadena, TX

Traditional Braces in Pasadena, TX

Traditional braces consist of wires and metal brackets that are bonded to the front tooth surfaces. The edges of each bracket are called the wings. Either elastic or metal bands are tied around the wings to secure the metal wire. It is the wire that shifts teeth into the desired positions. The brackets serve as anchors for the wire. As your orthodontic treatment progresses, the wire will be tightened and changed as your teeth get straighter.

Who is a Good Candidate for Traditional Braces?

Metal braces are a tried and true, cost-effective treatment for orthodontic patients of all ages. This is because traditional brackets and wires are the most affordable and durable option. Therefore, metal braces are often used for children. If you are concerned that the metal might tear up your child’s soft tissues and cause irritation, there is no reason to worry. Mild irritation and discomfort early on are very common and to be expected, the soft tissues of the mouth will tough up as time goes on and eventually, your child will no longer notice the braces. Modern metal brackets and wires are much smaller than those of days past. The design is more comfortable and sleek, making for less mouth irritation.

Why Choose Dental Braces?

Besides their reliability and durability, traditional metal orthodontics remain the popular choice because of the just cost less than other treatment options. Newer, more discreet forms of orthodontic correction like clear braces, aligners, and lingual braces require longer treatment times, advanced technology and higher costs. For these reasons, metal braces are still widely used.

Traditional Braces in Pasadena

Today’s metal braces aren’t like the orthodontic appliances your parents wore. Now, patients can add color and personality without any added cost. The elastics that hook around the metal brackets are now available in a variety of colors that you can change at any time. This makes the process less grueling for children because it allows them to show off their unique style. Popular choices are picking colors to celebrate a holiday, sports or school spirit or a favorite color. More neutral options also available in white, gray or silver.

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