Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Choice?

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Choice?

As time passes, our teeth become more stained due to a variety of different factors. These can include everything from aging, what we eat and drink, to our tobacco use, to our genetics. That doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to a discolored smile, though. Modern teeth whitening techniques are out there that can restore teeth to their original shade. Though these techniques can work very well, many people are concerned about the safety and their dental health when it comes to whitening. There are several options out there, and there are some things you should know about whitening.

Why are Your Teeth Stained?

First of all, you should look into reasons why your teeth might be discolored in the first place. This can include many things. It can be something as simple as improper brushing habits, drinking dark colored liquids, smoking cigarettes, tooth trauma or grinding, or even excessive exposure to fluoride when you were young.

Teeth Whitening – Your Options

In order to best make use of teeth whitening options that are ready and available for you, you should know all about the different options and see what the benefits are to each one.

Over-the-Counter and Online Teeth Whitening Products

There are various types of teeth whitening products you can buy from a chemist or purchase online, which usually include paint-on applicators or strips. These are an easy and inexpensive option, but they’re not quite as effective as some of the other methods, and you’ll need to use them more than once.

Dentist Supplied Teeth Whitening Kits

Many dentists can give you a take-home kit you can use at home. They are usually of higher-quality and safe to use as long as you’re following the proper instructions. You’ll need to see the dentist for a consult first.

Dental Administered Whitening or Bleaching

A dentist will first inspect your teeth and then recommend if you should use whitening or bleaching to counter the stains that are caused by aging, wear and tear, food and drinks, smoking, and teeth trauma. This is a highly effective and immediate treatment whether it’s bleaching or whitening.

Why You Should See a Dentist

It’s recommended that you always schedule an appointment with a dentist, so they can recommend the best treatment option.

Gum Health

The higher the bleach concentration is, the more risk you have for irritating your gums. It should be applied carefully and with the use of protective equipment. This will help in preventing too much damage to your gumline.

Teeth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is something that can be a common side effect of whitening products, which is why it is highly recommended to see a dentist before you use the product. The dentist can check for tooth damage that can cause further discomfort, and possibly apply a high concentration of fluoride before the treatment that will help with teeth sensitivity.

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