Chipped or Broken Tooth? Call Your Emergency Dentist in Pasadena

Chipped or Broken Tooth? Call Your Emergency Dentist in Pasadena

It is estimated that 1 out of every 6 Americans will face a dental emergency this year, the most common incident being a chipped or a broken tooth. When a dental emergency occurs, the first thing to do is to remain calm.  The second thing to do is to call your dentist.

The doctors and the healthcare professionals at Magic Touch Dental, located in Pasadena, Texas, want to educate its patients, current and new, on what to do in a dental emergency involving a broken or a chipped tooth.

Treating a Broken or Chipped Tooth

Biting something hard, trauma to the mouth or face, or damage from decay or infection will cause a tooth to break.  The damaged tooth needs immediate dental care to prevent a bacterial infection, to stop your discomfort and to save the tooth from extraction.

Below are the 6 steps you should take should you experience a broken or chipped tooth:

  1. Call your dentist immediately even if you experience no pain
  2. Rinse your mouth with warm water
  3. Apply pressure with gauze for 10 minutes until any bleeding subsides
  4. Apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth or against the cheek
  5. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever for discomfort
  6. Avoid placing pressure on the tooth until after treatment

Restoring Your Broken Tooth

One should never attempt to treat a broken or chipped tooth.  It is important to call your emergency dentist as soon as possible after the incident for proper treatment.  Below is a list of common treatments in these dental emergencies.

  1. Minor Cracks: Cracks are known as craze lines and often only affect the enamel. In this case, the dentist will lightly polish or smooth out any rough areas.
  2. Cracked Tooth: If a crack is deep enough to pass through the enamel and into the tooth, it could be repaired with a filling. Should a crack extend deep into the pulp, or the inner tooth, then a crown or a root canal may be necessary.
  3. Chipped Tooth: Minor chips are often repaired with cosmetic bonding. This is a resin material applied to the chipped area and sculpted to improve appearance and function.

Don’t Wait to Call Your Dentist

It is important to know if your dentist provides emergency services.  If not, then know the recommendation of your dentist for this service.  Do not let too much time pass between the incident and the appointment.  The objective is to save the tooth and to save you from further discomfort.

The dental professionals at Magic Touch Dental are trusted and highly recommended for general, oral and emergency dental services in the Pasadena, Texas, area.

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